What are the details required by the Tarot card reader from the querent at the time of the readings?

For the tarot card readings of the querent a tarot card reader requires his/her name and date of birth. Time of birth is optional. Readers usually ask for time of birth only if they combine Tarot card readings with astrology. Usually time of birth is not required for the readings.

Sometimes if the tarot card reader knows the other person (Querent or Querents friend, relative etc) very well they dont even need their date of birth, they can pull information about the person only by his or her name and thinking about the querent in mind since the querent is known by the reader and the querent’s picture is clear in the Readers mind.

If you have purchased readings via email or over phone then we need your full name and DOB as per your birth certificate along with your photograph (This should also include the picture of other people if you are inquiring about your partner or someone else) since its mandatory for the readings. 

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