Ritu Patel

Very Good Readings.

Sheetal Sharma

Jyoti is gifted and has near perfection in her guidance. By the way what ever she told me for my relationship was true. Thanks for that.

Saravanan Mudaliyar

Great experience @ Jyoti Tarot Readings. A very structured approach of questioning from Jyoti helped expand my thinking and allowed me to answer to the point. highly recommended Tarot card for consultation.

Balveer barot

I got expert tarot reading services from Jyoti and she is very precise in her reading.


Amazing Experience


She is very accurate in her readings. Wonderful experience…

Caroline Elle

You are wonderful and in truly appreciate your insight and advice. It opened my eyes to many truths that need some tweaking. Today is a new beginning. Thank You.


Jyoti, meeting you an experiencing the blessing of the reading was an incredible and powerful experience for me. Thank you so much for doing what you do!


I greatly enjoyed the reading and found it to be extremely on point and enlightening. Thank you for all of your insight and warm words of encouragement. I am soo happy that i stumbled on your website. Highly Recommended.


Margaret Wells

The things you said resonated on such a deep level! I couldn’t believe how your reading brought to light things I hadn’t told anyone in years. This reading has helped me understand why I’m at a crossroads and to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Richard Richardson

I will never forget the first time I received my readings from Jyoti. I was awestruck by your accuracy and insight. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. 

Helen James

‘Spot on!’ Thanks

Wendy Jackson

‘I now feel very positive about the future, thank you for reassuring me.’

Pushtie S

The reading was so perceptive and accurate! Thanks you soo much jyoti.

Nidhi T.

Thank you so much Jyoti, you are amazing in what you do..I really needed this..!!

Karishma T.

Amazing insight and guidance, Thank you Jyoti


Finally i know the truth now. I needed clarity on this badly, I can now connect the dots. Thanks !

Tania R.

“Jyoti has been helping me on my journey, I have learned so much from her in the short time we have been working together. I feel much more appreciative, and balanced. Thank you my new friend.”

Mark T.

“I loved her reading – very positive, hopeful .”

Natasha K

“I really love your readings! At first I was skeptical at how accurate Tarot can be, but you really helped me see my life more clearly. Thank you so much for the help!!”

Christy H

“you are doing just great god bless u i love ur predictions always”

John T.

“Have been receiving tarot reading from Jyoti for a while now and I am very happy with all that she predicts. Very accurate. Highly recommended”

Nikhil P.

“I loved my readings!!!! They were in such great detail! Thanks”


“This is very intriguing and fun! I always look forward to the new information shared with me!! Two thumbs up!!!”


My tarot was great I was amazed at what I saw and it was really accurate.. Thank you Jyoti for everything.

Josie Mathlin

“Excelente t muy preciso !! Gracias! desde Argentina”


“Every reading i have had has always been exactly to the point, giving me useful information to guide me through times in my life where i cannot fully find information myself. Your readings help me get a better insight into my life and personality.”


Linda J

“I felt so much of peace. Will see you soon. Thanks Joti”

Monica H.

“Good reading my friend will visit again. Thanks”

Georgio S.

“It was so direct and to the point…. Thank you”

Amanda W

I really love to get readings from Jyoti, she does a wonderful job, Most of my worries end just by listening to her. kudoos to her!


“I loved my reading, it helped me with some decision making.”


This was my second experience with Jyoti and I must say that she is exceptional. Her reading has always been amazingly to the point. She really has an in sight and I infact feel extremely healed after having spoken to her. I really am grateful to her. Good luck and god speed to Jyoti!

Elitsa Dimitrova

Jyoti is great at what she does. She connects you to your inner child. Helps you bridge gaps and bring harmony within yourself and with others in your life.

Michael D. Williams

Me and my mother had a session with Jyoti. She is a good listener, a good channeler and she puts her heart in the session which makes a good healing space. If you want a healing session, reflecting you to yourself, have one with her. Thanks Jyoti.

Shilpa S.

Jyoti is very patient and answers all questions in an accurate manner. Radiates positive energy and really helps in clarifying every doubt. Has in depth knowledge of her subject and communicates in a lucid manner. Thank you and God bless!


“Jyoti I enjoyed my reading. It was easy fun & insightful. I like that I have the convenience & privacy of getting a quality reading whenever & wherever I want. Thanks”


Jyoti is my angel! Build the hope in me when I felt things were a total mess with my professional life! She is a gifted natural healer. Thank you for all the things you have done for me.

Ashish Paul

Jyoti is blessed with unique abilities of understanding the client on psychological level for offering best of healing for the highest of good. Her energy and aura is very warm and pleasing makes one comfortable and at ease. You changed my thought process and brought me out of the mess i was in. Thank you soo much.

Shivam P.

Jyoti’s predictions have always been perfect. She has always been bang on and has shown the correct path. Thanks.

Rajlaxmi B.

This was my first tarot-reading experience in life. When I visited Jyoti, I was deeply distressed. She is such a positive and down to earth person. She makes you comfortable the very moment she meets you. She was more than often correct in her readings. My life has taken a positive path ever since I met her. Thank you for your guidance.


Jyoti is such a wonderful person. I have been her client since more than 13 years now. She has always helped me in taking the right decision when i feel stuck. I am thankful to her for all the positivity in life 🙂 she is accurate with her readings.


I have visited Jyoti with lots of confusion on my mind regarding my personal and professional life. She listened to my issues and was very apt in telling my current situation. I was awestruck with her accuracy and calmness. Thanks Jyoti !


“Excellent reading give me new hope for the future, and helped me on my lifepath much appreciated”


I have been her client since more then 10 years now. Jyoti you help me out in many ways thank you ..!!


Jyoti your readings are really useful and motivational. Thank you..


“It was amazing and Right on point”

Glorina C

“I give thanks to the obedience to your life mission and providing such a convenient service for others to chime into their own insight from such a powerful source of truth, I give thanks to your services and guidance sending an abundance of love you way. Glorina C, Ilocos Region, Philippines”

Soumee Khan

“I can’t thank you enough for your love, wisdom and that reading. You just changed not only this entire trip around, but my approach and trust in the next few months. You’re so incredibly gifted, it’s beautiful to witness and even feel. Thank you so so deeply.”

Jackson, MS

“I started my year off beautifully with an amazing reading from Jyoti. She is a true healer and a deep, knowledgeable soul full of wisdom. Thank you so much.”

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