How can one become a Tarot card reader?

Some Core Skills You Need to Be a Professional Reader

  • The more you know about yourself, the more powerful a reader you become and the more help you can be to others. Its very important to be an empath, psychic or to have clairsentient skills before you choose to become a Tarot Reader. Many people who lack these skills do fail to predict things and read tarot and they leave it half way or even if they complete the course they never pursue it because they fail to predict the probable outcomes, reason being they are not being guided by their clairsentient skills or by their psychic abilities to pick the energies. They can only read the meanings of the cards to some extent. One card have 10 to 15  different meanings or more which one to pick in which situation & how to connect all cards to some up the major energies is being guided by your intuition, your clairsentient skills. Therefore some people cannot predict the probable outcome even if they learn tarot to some extent. So before you think of becoming a reader you have to be 100% sure that you have these clairsentient skills.
  • Are you a Psychic? Do you get messages intuitively constantly. Do you get all important messages in your Dreams? Can you pick up energies of the people around you ? Can you read faces? Can you read their emotional state just by talking to them or watch them communicate with others? Can you read their emotions without having to refer even tarot. If yes then you could be a psychic or clairvoyant and you can definitely be a reader.
  • You should know the meaning of all symbols in the cards and what do they represent in which positions.
  • You should know all the spreads and when to use them as per the clients current situation and questions. There are thousands of spreads in the study of Tarot. You should have mastered at-least 100 spreads inclusive of big and small ones.
  • You should be able to read a story from the spreads that you use.
  • You should be a Certified Reader  before you choose to start readings for clients professionally.
  • You should be in a position to pick up the energies that the cards are trying to convey you.
  • After the course is complete you still need 2 to 3 years of rigorous practice. This involves readings cards for around 5 to 7 hours a day. You may need the help of a professional tarot card reader to read the cards initially atleast for a year so that you know that what you are reading is correct. You can practice with a Tarot card reader to go deep and get more information in your readings. This will help you give more information to your clients and will help you become a professional reader faster.
  • You should know how much information to give clients and when. Incase if you see a negative event in your querent’s life after 5 years, don’t pass out the information immediately and spoil their present. Rather with proper counselling make them mentally stronger. Only speak on things which are asked and are necessary for their present moment.
  • Practice with family and friends etc initially and see if your predictions are going right. If all that you have been reading is coming true, specially the bigger events of life you have become a reader.
  • Never ever leave reading Tarot books, Tarot decks and Tarot spreads.
  • The more decks you learn and master the better. This will help you to get more information in the readings.
  • Have strategies for disappointed clients.
  • You should be able to heal them with your words.
  • Be kind to them.


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