How Accurate are Tarot Card Readings?

Tarot readings can be incredibly accurate if the reader knows his/her subject in and out. 99% of the times you get accurate answers. Since they are also human, there can be 1% chance of them going wrong somewhere but that’s rare if the reader is well qualified and has been practicing tarot since years. Even a doctor fails to save their patients sometimes inspite of doing the best for them. 99% of the times they do succeed but not always. Every profession comes with this 1% chance of gong wrong sometimes. Therefore¬†its very important for you get your reading done from someone who is well known and is been practicing since years. Sometimes some outcomes are in God’s hand too. So as a tarot card reader our job is to give you correct probable outcomes that we see with the choices that you make today. Sometimes its the decision that you take that creates your destiny. We all have free will right ? We as reader can tell you what will be the outcome if you continue to be in this path or what will be the outcome if you choose some other path. Ultimately its upto you which path do you want to choose. You always and always have a choice.

The accuracy of the predictions of your reading would also depend on the attitude you bring to the reading itself: if you are closed-off, if you want to “test” the reader’s abilities, you’ll be more likely to get a generic response. Always remember a tarot reader is highly intuitive, they will know your inner thoughts and feelings to a very large extent. So therefore they follow their intuition before revealing the truths to you.

If you are a genuine client you will get the real answers. It all depends on your reader how much information do they want to give to you and when.

You are likely to get a very precise and accurate reading from tarot and this includes time, places, events, situations, people and so much more.

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