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Love Life / Soulmate & Relationship Readings

Soul mates, life mates, twin flames, twin rays, sacred contracts, karmic links, kindred spirits—it’s easy to get confused about what they mean.The tarot can provide an awesome glimpse of how this connection is unfolding. When it comes to people seeking out the help of Tarot readers the number one thing people seem to ask about is love. Love is something we all want and look for, so it’s only natural that this is the area of life that we feel we need the most help with. A Tarot reading is the perfect way to gain some insight into your love life. It allows you the freedom to ask any love question you like. For example, Tarot can shed some insight on your current relationship, reveal any underlying problems you might be having with your partner, or predict if you’ll meet someone if you’re single.

Before you get too invested in a romance, wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how much potential you have as a couple? This reading can help by giving the most likely outcome of your relationship!

Love Readings will give a description of the current state of events in the sphere of love, will reveal your true desires, and in some cases, concerns and fears that hinder your relationship.

This reading gives you an update on your love life, past present and future. The reading will answer a lot of questions concerning your love life and where it’s headed.

The Love Life Readings gives you a clear perception about your partner, thought process and wave length of each other, their hopes and attitude towards relationship, and helps you by giving a good picture about probable future outcome for your Love life & relationships. This is designed to analyze your relationships – whether they be personal or romantic. This will give you a clear understanding of the dynamics within each relationship. We also have a conflict resolution tarot card reading, which helps you to more clearly see the circumstances surrounding an issue within your relationship and to learn how it can best be resolved. See the relationship as a whole; learn where it’s lacking, and discover each others fears and expectations.

Love is one of the most powerful – and most complex – human emotions. So, it is easy to see why one of the most popular areas for a Tarot reading is in the romance department.

Typically, love readings provide clients with information on…

  • Compatibility with current partner. Find out if you and your love interest or partner are soul mates, best friends, or a recipe for disaster.
  • What is your person thinking about you and their current feelings towards you ?
  • What needs to be done in order to make it work? OR Its time to move on.
  • Will this relationship work ?
  • Are you finding it difficult to make a choice in your love life between two people?
  • Breakups are awful! Relieve some of your pain over the loss of a love, get insight into why the relationship ended, and advice on how to move on toward a brighter romantic future.
  • Insight into future romantic prospects

The idea here is to give you the details you need so that they can be applied to your own life and your own situation. Clients often report revelatory feelings, as if the missing piece of a puzzle has just slotted into place.

You will be told what is true and you will be told what you need to hear. This does not necessarily translate to the information that you want to hear. Be prepared for information that might be uncomfortable as well as illuminating, and enjoy the experience. Love Readings is exciting, fascinating and enthralling and it will help you get clarity on your love life.

Jobs & Career Reading

Our professional career is very important for the stability of our life. Humans need to be able to build a strong job foundation and above all to satisfy our personal ambitions. Career Reading makes you aware of the good, better and the best Career choices for you to opt. Here we try to invent your talent and strengths. This will help you learn how you feel about your job, what you desire to have happen and what might be standing in your way. Tarot gives you the opportunity to focus on the safest way to achieve your goals.

Business Readings

Running Successful Business means riding on the wave of Success. The Business / Finance Tarot Reading analyse and advice on your current business and its future prospects. It gives an in-depth look at your work /financial situations and future expansions. It is extremely help while making big business decision and associated risk factors. It also helps you to select among most fruitful business streams.

Two Choices

For all those who find it always difficult to decide whether to listen their heart or go by mind this simple Tarot Reading offers most appropriate solution at times when it needed most.



Learning Tarot Course with Jyoti is a 3 year course. This entire course involves learning Tarot right from A to Z which means right till you learn to predict the probable outcome on your own. Rest all other details will be provided at the time of enrollment.


Its very important for you to have clairsentient skills or psychic abilities before you come for the course. Its very important to be a psychic or to have clairsentient skills before you choose to become a Tarot Reader. Many people who lack these skills do fail to predict things and read tarot and they leave it half way or even if they complete the course they never pursue it because they fail to predict the probable outcomes, reason being they are not being guided by their clairsentient skills or by their psychic abilities to pick the energies. They can only read the meanings of the cards to some extent. One card have 10 to 15  different meanings or more which one to pick in which situation & how to connect all cards to some up the major energies is being guided by your psychic abilities your clairsentient skills. Therefore some people cannot predict the probable outcome even if they learn tarot to some extent as they not not getting messages intuitively. So before you think of becoming a reader you have to be 100% sure that you have all these clairsentient skills.

The entire process of learning to read and predict the probable outcome will again take 2 to 3  years sometimes.

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