Friendships Tarot Spread

We always regret and think, ‘I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.’ It is very easy to lose touch with friends in our day and age because we confuse adding people as FB friends with actually staying in touch in meaningful ways. Most of us have far more screen time than actual face time with our friends and because this form of interaction lacks the depth and intimacy needed to maintain true friendships, we gradually lose touch without even noticing it.There are other reasons we lose touch with friends too, of course, such as moving away, starting a family, getting too busy at work. The Forever Friendship Tarot spread that i offer will help you cultivate new friendships as well as maintain long-term/life-long friendships. Potential love tarot spread helps in finding if a friendship will turn into a love in future or not ? or does your friend have any feelings for you. If yes, then will they ever tell you about there feelings ? Contact Jyoti and get your readings done if you need any clarity in this area.

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