Does tarot work ?

Tarot is a way through which readers get guidance from Cards. A Tarot reader uses the imagery and numbers and all their associated symbolism to prompt their own subconscious or unconscious mind to speak to them on request, and to help articulate their impressions more precisely.

One explanation is that it works by the phenomenon Karl Jung called synchronicity, or meaningful co-incidence.

Jung never learned to read the Tarot, himself, but was fascinated by what Tarot could tell us about archetypes, and the workings of the conscious mind working in tandem with the unconscious mind.

The reader draws cards blindly and at random, using the imagery of the cards as a prompt, to share what they feel about a given person, situation or question. The thing that amazes is the absolute, irrefutable relevance of cards drawn blind and at random then organised into a pattern or spread for interpretation.

The results do not seem random at all and this is where the spookiness, and the apparent miracle of synchronicity manifests.

Tarot is only one of many available systems of divination and is by no means anything like the oldest. Divination with playing cards is a far older practice, and other systems including the I-Ching.

However the 78 cards of a Tarot deck offer a richly visual symbolic library and language using pictures, numbers, words, emotionally resonant archetypes which cross all cultures. Each card has many keywords attached.

The Chariot card for instance signifies a vehicle, but also ambition, progress, teamwork, discipline, travel and also the zodiac sign of Cancer and the time frame associated with this sign ( June 21-July 22 )

The reader ‘uploads’ this ‘programme’ by learning the meanings and associations of the cards. With much repetition and practice, this programming becomes almost second nature, and the cards may act now, not only as a technical support, but as a springboard for insights prompted by lateral or associative thinking, backed up by instinct.

Sometimes these insights are so uncannily precise, not explained simply by looking at the cards, the reader has transcended the specified meanings of the cards. These sorts of insights, many would call ‘psychic’

But how does the reader choose cards which so appropriately describe things you have not yet told the reader? The answer is, the reader doesn’t know; they just trust the unconscious process. Maybe there is a form of telepathy at work as well between the reader and the enquirer.

Tarot reading is only one activity illustrating a natural talent of the normal human mind. Intuition. Your inner understanding. We all possess it in some degree. A Tarot reader is just someone who has trained themselves to notice it, and through study of their chosen vehicle, the Tarot, exercised and developed this natural ability, learning to apply it on demand.

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