Do you provide Free Readings ?
  • Please do not call me for a free reading be it even 1 question. Even 1 question needs 30 minutes of reading, time and effort. Every reader is required to do proper pre shuffling and energizing of cards for the client before the actual reading is going to take place be it even 1 question. That process takes 20 to 30 minutes for even a question. It takes an hour sometimes if we do the process twice or thrice at the time of the reading, which entirely depends on the number of questions that the client have and the frequency of how many times do we have to shuffle and energize the cards. So please keep in mind i do not do free readings at all be it even for friends. I know more then approx 5,000 to 10,000 people rather many more directly via work, friends, existing clients etc, via via in soo many years of my career or life so just imagine if even one third of them come to me for 1 free question every 6 months which some people really do, i will spend my entire months, doing readings for them. I do not have that much time guys for such reading be it even 1 question.
  • Some people just want to have a free reading for fun or timepass. I can very well sense these things. I use to entertain them before but not anymore. I have realized some people have lot of time to waste sometimes but not me. I am not born to entertain such people anyways. So count me out if you are one of them. Even if i do free readings its only and only for the needy or poor.
  • There are some websites which offer online free readings. You can visit them if you wish to have one.
  • I do not do readings for relatives or people from my family circle because sometimes the outcome of the readings are negative and i do not want to be the one to reveal this to them for my own personal reasons. Its awkward because i am connected to them emotionally. So i will not be able to tell them the negative things if incase i see some while reading and nor do i want to sugarcoat and make them happy by saying all the good things. I use to do this in the past though, but not anymore, i have stopped this completely. SO NO exceptions. I do not wish to hurt anyone by speaking the truth during the reading nor do i want to comfort them with a lie. I dont want to be at a place where i am in a fix What to say ? Should I ? or Should i not ? I dont want to be the one to give them the negative news and hurt them or dishearten them in anyway. So please count me out. If you want a reading kindly approach other tarot readers. There are some wonderful readers out there in the world. You can get correct answers from them. They wont hesitate to tell you the truth since they are not connected to you emotionally. So if you are from my family circle, a relative or someone from my extended family, please do not approach me for your readings at all. I am very strict about this. Even if its 1 question I do not read. Their are some excellent readers out there who can help you with your readings. You can get your readings done from any of them. So if in case you need a reading, please feel free to approach some one else. In just one click you get the best of readers in the world.

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