Can tarot cards predict the future?

The biggest misconception people have is that tarot cards spell the future regardless of what you do. A lot of people think that tarot cards tell a future that is 100% set in stone. Most psychics and pagans believe that the future is never totally written out like that. In order for the future to be black and white, you have to have no free will. The most common belief is that fate is never fully decided for you. You can change course, because you do have free will. You are the creator of your destiny. You can change your fate if what you see isn’t something you like. You just have to be proactive in doing so. What tarot cards and other forms of prediction do is tell you what you should expect if you continue on the path your taking. They are the means through which you get guidance in your journey of life.

For example:

Jessica is deeply in love with Ronald. But Jessica has 2 options in her life right now. Their is one more person named as John who is in love with Jessica. But Jessica has no feelings for him as of today. Jessica is confused who is right for her? Ronald or John? She gets her tarot done with some reader. What she finds out is Ronald is someone who loves her today but is not trustworthy or may not be loyal towards her forever. Or he is in love with her for her nature, her good looks etc etc. But in future Ronald will be the same person who will make fun of Jessica if she becomes too thin or too fat or who will not have her as his priority. He has a dominating nature may be soo much that in future Jessica will feel suffocated and may not be happy with him. Because with time Ronald will change or will reveal his true nature. But John is someone who loves Jessica for however she is. He will respect her forever, he will keep her like a princess forever, wont care if she becomes too thin or fat. John will always have Jessica as his priority. John is the kind of man every girl wishes for. Not that they wont have problems together, they will but much lesser to what jessica will have with Ronald. These things will be revealed to Jessica if she gets her tarot done. Now who to choose between these two is the choice that Jessica has to make today. She is the creator of her destiny. She has to make a choice. Tarot helped her get the right guidance. That is it. This is what tarot does. Rest is upto Jessica what choice will she make today. Her choice today will create her future. Tarot can just give her the guidance that is it.  

Tarot can give you a ballpark. Tarot is all about current energies and these energies can change as per what choice you make today. Tarot can help you in making the choice today. Tarot can tell you what are the things that you can do in order to have growth in your career ? When will you get the new job ? Will you be happy in your new workplace ? or Will your new business venture make profits or should you stick to the old ones etc. It will guide you about the energies that are surrounding your particular situation and where are they heading. Likewise, tarot cards will be able to give you a general idea of where you are headed in the near future. Additionally, tarot also can give you better insight into what your current situation is. Tarot cards are remarkably good at giving you a better scoop on what’s going on around you. So, finding out if someone isn’t what they appear to be or finding out what someone thinks about you, or are they really genuine towards you etc. That being said, there can be some moments where cards just seem to predict the future. This is often very true if you keep seeing the same cards pop up during a reading which has an “outcome” slot. Cards like the Tower or the Wheel of Fortune often come as indicators that something may happen that isn’t in your realm of control. You might want to prepare for an unseen turn of events – particularly if that card tends to stick out in your mind. But again the same cards will mean something different if they come in a different spread for a different issue with the combination of other cards the meaning of the same cards change. Such meanings can be only found out by an expert reader using their intuition. Even though most people see tarot as a general guide, there are some people who believe it’s pretty set in stone. Everyone is free to think what they want to. I, believe that your future is in your hands, what you can get through Tarot is guidance so that when you find yourself in difficult situations you know exactly why this has happened and what can be done or not done further. In many cases the client is already prepared to face the outcome since the probable outcome was already disclosed to the client in a reading.

So, in summary, yes, tarot cards do predict the future probable outcomes and probabilities. I believe that tarot is more like a guidance or warning than anything else. Tarot is not God. But Tarot does help us to get messages from the universe and to get guidance in our life journey. It alarms us by giving us insights about the current energies surrounding the issue and giving us a peek into the future probable outcome.

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